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Using a Lunge N' Slide for Athletic Conditioning of a Horse

Horse Fitness:
Building Topline Muscle While Lungeing

Just like we stretch before a workout and capitalize on a balance of weight bearing and cardio exercise for maximum fitness, our horses can benefit from the effects of a compelling cross training program.

The Lunge N' Slide helps make this athletic conditioning process as effective as possible, in the shortest period of time. Constructed of industrial grade bungie material, think of the Lunge N' Slide as a super sized resistance band for your horse.

How it works:

  • Bungie clips to saddle and to bridle or HYBRID Halter*.
  • Starting out on a fitted, but loose setting that allows the horse to travel naturally, you round pen or lunge the horse.
  • The horse gets used to the feel of the the boundary of the Lunge N' Slide and after a warmup at this setting, you tighten the Lunge N' Slide to a setting that has the horse travel on the vertical**.
  • A brief 5-10 minute session will engage the horse's topline, building muscle and fitness as well as reducing bit anxiety and encourage a light bit response.
  • As the horse pushes on himself, the application of pressure and resistance is consistent, many times much more consistent than we would be with our own hands.
  • The Lunge N' Slide allows the horse to develop his own fitness and balance without the weight or complexity of the rider - leading to a fitter and more capable horse when ridden.

*Cannot be used with a rope halter.
**On the vertical: when the horse travels with the plane of his face at a straight 90 degree angle from the ground.




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