14' Working Rope

$48.99 USD

Durable yachting braid carries a training cue better than a lunge line - wears for years!


  • Great "energy" to the yachting braid rope makes training easier by carrying a training cue - unlike a floppy lunge line which carries no energy back to the horse
  • UV protection helps keep color vibrant
  • 1/2" round (12.5 mm)
  • Blunt end, no popper for the horse to chew while tied on Black and Copper ropes.
  • If you prefer a leather popper, choose from our other colors.
  • Comes complete with an easy, one-hand opening brass plated snap, pull tested to 2,100 pounds
  • Snap can also be replaced as desired, thanks to loop end design.
  • 14’ (4.25m) long for effective groundwork, including circles/lungeing and trailer loading
  • Ideal length for horses of any size, but particularly for large horses - on a circle in the canter, you will not feel like they are "on top of you".
  • Hand spliced and stitched.
  • Weighted end for twirling, no popper for the horse to chew when tied.
  • Forest Floor color blend is a great match for either black or mahogany leather halters, Crimson and In the Navy nylon halters.
  • Copper Forest is a match for all halters with our copper rope and includes copper, navy, dark grey, green, crimson and white.
  • Pandora color blend is a great match for black leather halters, yellow synthetic halters, Jam, In the Navy, Deco Green or Turquish Blue nylon halters.