8' Weighted End Lead Rope

Product Description
Made from the same high quality yachting rope our Working Ropes are made of... UV, salt and water resistant, this rope is just the right length for leading, ponying, and tying. I don't like having too much rope in my hands when just doing simple tasks, sometimes it is just cumbersome, sometimes it is dangerous. This rope comes sans (without) a "tasty" popper on the end that our companions love to munch on ;-) so it will stay looking great for a long time! 

The end is back spliced and weighted with no popper, so you won't have any problems with it getting chewed off, as often happens when you tie with a rope with a popper end!

Finished with easy one-hand opening, patented trigger bull, brass plated snap, pull tested to 2,100 lbs.

Available in a variety of colors.
$32.99 USD