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The horse flag or horsemanship flag is a tried and true tool every horse owner should have, and is a long standing favorite among natural horsemen who have followed the teachings of masters such as Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. We've modernized the old design to make it lighter, safer and easier to use.

Instead of antenna wire like your run-of-the-mill horsemanship flag, the shaft on this flag is made of flexible fiberglass so it has a springy feel and action, and makes it lighter to handle. The grip is made of tapered foam rubber, giving you a secure comfortable grip that is comfortable even in small hands. The silken flag feels great to the touch for your horse and is very good for desensitizing - it's softness allows you to "swoosh," "pop" or "zip" through the air for your individualized need or requirement.

Effective uses:

  • Groundwork
  • Horsemanship
  • Young Horse Development
  • Liberty
  • Herd work
  • Desensitization/confidence building
$39.99 USD

Made especially to our specifications, the shaft of this horsemanship flag is constructed of premium fiberglass material with a special multi-layer epoxy coating that makes it light, yet durable. Measures 44", a perfect length to be a safe extension of your arm. The silky polyester flag features a sewn eyelet and loops through an eye on the end of the stick. It is lighter than a metal flag, but just as durable, plus it has just enough flex in it to ensure that a very small action of your wrist can create plenty of action in the flag. These special construction features result in a tool that is less fatiguing, which means you are able to be more accurate, which your horse will doubtless enjoy! The flag is unmarked, with no logos, while the grip end and shaft feature subtle Horse Education Company branding.

This strong, light and well-balanced stockman's horsemanship flag features a durable grip handle, a reinforced tip and a blue flag. Thanks to its light weight and slim construction, it is much easier to move rapidly when using it for noise and motion confidence/desensitization than a run-of-the-mill training stick and plastic bag.

Horsemanship Flags have been used for years by natural horsemanship practitioners such as Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt and for good reason, they are a simple, but go-to tool for a wide variety of horse training applications.

"The Working Flag affects broad general spaces around a horse. It is a good choice for developing an understanding and starting to develop yields on the ground. The broad and general effect that occurs seems to work well with most horses when a stick and string may be too defined right off the bat. It is the first groundwork tool all of my young horses are introduced to." ~ Kalley Krickeberg, Horse Education Company brand ambassador

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