Lunge N' Slide

Product Description

What it is:

Training resistance band for horses that help prepare them mentally and physically to be ridden, without the interference from the rider.

Designed by an Olympic coach and competitor, and used by a range of riders from natural horsemanship clinicians, to recreational riders. Handcrafted in the UK of superior quality, heavy gauge bungie material, the Lunge N' Slide is engineered to give the horse give and self-resistance during a groundwork or lungeing warm-up.

A survey conducted by the American Association of Equine Practitioners found that 62 percent of equine veterinarians believe a healthy topline is key to fewer injuries. 

Why you would use it:

  • Excellent pre-ride warm up tool that encourages the horse to use his body properly and build an athletic topline.
  • With patient application, reduces anxiety and biting issues.
  • Develops topline and neck muscles for a more athletic frame.
  • For horses ridden with or without contact, it allows the horse to find his own comfort in the bit, without interference from the rider's hands. 
  • Great mental preparation for a lesson.
  • Horse is able to change directions and move as freely as they would under saddle with a rider on board.
  • Allows you the opportunity to visually see and correct on the ground where your horse may be leaning and not straight, and adjust to build strength on weak side.
  • Makes either Western or English horses lighter in your hands when ridden.
  • Can be used with a bridle of your choice or a well-fitted HYBRID Halter. Cannot be used with a rope halter.


If you have a pony, small quarter horse, breed under 14.2-14.3 hands, select the Pony/Small Horse size.

    $99.99 USD


    • Begin a warm-up session of groundwork, as you normally would with your horse tacked in his riding gear, so that you can fully observe horse's gaits, soundness, freshness and gain control and connection on the ground.
    • To use, you should be able to reliably disengage your horse's hindquarters from a walk, trot and canter. Your horse should disengage and pause, only coming in on the circle when asked. 
    • A round pen is recommended, though not necessary.
    • Once your horse is mentally engaged, begin by attached the off-side clip to the saddle dees or girth dees at loosest setting. Attach to bit on either side and then to near side. To remove, repeat the process.
    • Start with short sessions on a looser setting. As your horse becomes more athletic, you will be able to increase your duration of use, but in general circumstances, will not exceed 5-10 minutes of play.
    • You can adjust to the horse's size and the Lunge N' Slide should be fitted so that the horse is just making contact with the bit and allowed to self-manage his comfort within his box of travel.
    • Under no circumstances should you leave your horse unattended for any length of time while wearing the Lunge N' Slide, if you do - well, you're a jerk. Don't be a jerk.
    • Start slow and easy and allow for your horse to take an extra second to respond.
    • Generally, a walk, trot and canter both directions, with change of direction is a perfect session for riding warm-up, or for keeping your horse in tone. When you ride, you'll find your horse is in his work mind and light in your hands.
    • This is a great non-fatiguing and fair way for the horse to find his own comfort with the bit, with the comfort of an elastic rein and no interference from the instability of the rider.

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