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Ultimate Lead Rope Snap

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A one-handed double trigger system that means a horse rubbing or rope motion while training can never accidentally open the snap.

  • Patented design.
  • Forged of solid stainless steel.
  • Easier to grasp than a normal snap.
  • Simple to operate, just squeeze the back and front trigger simultaneously to open.
  • Can easily replace any existing snap on a Horse Education Company rope.
  • Breaking Strength : 3,000lbs/ 1,500 kgs
  • A whopping 900 extra pounds of breaking strength to our standard one handed trigger bull snap!

Professional Grade Ropes

HEC is a specialist in the highest quality training ropes. Our durable yachting braid designs are dirt, sweat, arena dirt and abrasion resistant. Unlike poly ropes, they will not burn your hands and unlike cotton, have far greater longevity and ability to carry training cues along their length. All of our rope is spun to our unique specifications and hand spliced and strongly stitched.