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RS-Tor Rider Security Aid Handle

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Keep your balance and stay out of your horse's mouth


If you loose your balance, this handy aid helps you steady yourself without yanking on your horse's mouth, or destabilizing your saddle, helping you ride through moments of doubt with confidence!


The RS-tor's webbing assembly incorporates two shock absorbers, and attaches easily to any type of saddle to create an even, upward pull that keeps your hind end in the saddle. Its the same action that keeps a saddle bronc rider sunny side up when a horse bucks violently, elegantly improved to be fair to the horse.


The RS-tor is ideal for all riding disciplines. For hacking and trail riding, it allows the rider to ride more confidently on a horse that may spook, and importantly, provides invaluable security, keeping the rider closer to the saddle if the horse trips or makes a sudden move. Its great advantage over a nightlatch, neckstrap or clutching the horn is that you do not need to worry about being fast enough in that critical moment. The RS-Tor rests passively in your hand, ready should you need it, causing no complications  should your ride go as planned.


The RS-tor:

  • Is ideal for training new riders to balance in the saddle in fields such as polo, mounted games and any mounted arena sport involving balls.
  • Helps the rider remain close to the horse’s back when leaning down towards the ground.
  • Can help prevent the rider twisting or ‘leaning out’ too much, thus putting pressure on the animal’s back.
  • Can be used to aid security with any form of riding, such as vaulting, pony club activities, riding holidays and equestrian sports.
  • Attaches simply to the saddle (English or Western); the rider holds the end-piece comfortably – rein contact is unaffected
  • Allows the rider to carry their hands as normal when schooling.
  • Assures no ‘fixing’ of the hands, which can occur when a saddle balance strap, nightlatch or saddle horn is used.
  • Facilitates riding through spooks and bucks with less chance of the rider losing their reins / balance.
  • Is ideal for riders that grab a piece of mane to gain balance over higher fences - they can now rely on the RS-tor, while still having independent hands.
  • Helps prevent the horse being jabbed in the mouth during an unexpected leap, as the rider will not need to lean on the reins.

Simply hook the RS-tor rider safety aid's loops onto your stirrup bars, replacing the stirrup leathers over the top, to complete the transformation. The RS-tor’s rapid action allows a much greater chance of recovery from potentially dangerous horse riding situations such as falls, spooks, bucks, rears or cat-leaps. On a western saddle, you can attach through the gullet on either side of the horn, or through the small dees on the front of the saddle.