Economy HYBRID Halter

Product Description

This is the economy model of the HYBRID Halter® line, manufactured in partnership with Weaver Leather. Its construction and features have been tailored for a lower retail price.

If you're interested in even better control, our Classic model offers superior training results and professional, training grade construction quality. See it here >

The unique, patent-pending HYBRID Halter® combines the effectiveness of a rope halter with the safety of a webbing halter, making it the perfect solution for any horse owner. Top quality webbing construction boasts a rolled webbing chin and a rope nose with knots that are precisely placed for better control and to encourage lightness. Unique, universal design will not torque the horse’s sensitive head and poll region or twist into the animal’s eyes. Lunging and groundwork are made easier with a sliding ring under the chin that allows the halter ring and the snap of your rope to slide a full 180 degrees so there’s no need to change sides of the halter when changing direction of travel. The HYBRID Halter’s unique design has decreased surface area, making it harder for horse to push, pull or drag handler around. Suitable for cross tying, trailering, groundwork training, and everyday use.

Patented in the USA. International Patents Pending.

  • Brass Plated Hardware
  • UV Coated Rope for long life.
  • Premium Nylon Webbing.
  • Superior Training Result to either rope or nylon web halter
Differences Between the Economy Style and Classic HYBRID Halter:
  • Brass Plated Hardware (Classic has solid brass hardware throughout)
  • Undercarriage of halter is made of rolled webbing (Classic features yachting rope for additional training effect)
  • Four colors, three sizes (expanded selection of colors and styles in Classic version)
  • If you are looking for the dependability of solid brass, with maximum control, we recommend the Classic Style.
  • Price: The Classic style is $69.99, reflective of its professional grade construction and superior training result, thanks to its hardware and the resistance dynamics of the high quality yachting braid undercarriage. The economy version of the halter will outperform either a webbing or rope halter, the Classic version of the halter is akin to cruise control, overdrive and leather seats!
  • Check out the Classic HYBRID Halter before making your selection>
$35.99 USD $39.99 USD

WHY do you need a PATENT PENDING HYBRID Halter?

  • Horse can’t push on you like they can in a web halter
  • Horse can't push through it with their nose like they can in a rope halter
  • ELIMINATES the need for a chain
  • Cross tie in it & personalize it like a web halter
  • The 180 degree slide ring action discourages your horse from torqueing his head while lunging
  • You will always have control of your horse’s nose
  • Take it on and off like a bridle thanks to the throatlatch snap, no buckling or knots
  • Saves hours a day over multiple horses just in on/off time alone!
  • Unlike a rope halter, the knots won't tighten in a pullback situation
  • Can be ridden in and will have a sidepull type action
  • The application of pressure, its angle and its release translates directly to the bridle with no chance for bad habits to develop on the ground

Can your halter do all that?

The HYBRID Halter makes it easy to get the same light response you expect in the bridle under saddle, while on the ground, without a bit in your horse’s mouth. It is a humane halter that is fairer to your horse's understanding of pressure than whatever you are using currently, for one simple reason, it makes it easier for your horse to understand and respond positively to your request thanks to its stable, consistent fit and pre-signaling 180 degree sliding ring that takes head torquing out of play, thereby eliminating your horse's resistance to the halter itself so he can focus with clarity on your direction.

Why is the HYBRID different from a normal rope halter or normal web halter?
The Hybrid has all the convenience, personalization options, and functionality of a traditional web/flat halter. It features the stability of the buckles, rings and snap of a flat halter, combined with the training ability and control of the rope halter, plus the added benefit of the sliding ring under the chin for clarity of signal. The Hybrid Halter is the ultimate functional and training halter in one convenient design! You can cross tie in it, it won't tighten if a horse pulls back in it, it won't torque a horse's head to the side like a rope halter, so is both more comfortable for your horse and more effective for training because it mimics the application of pressure he will later experience with a bit. Your horse will find it difficult to lean on, so it can deliver a precision of cue that neither a rope, nor web halter can match and makes you and your horse's job easier. If you follow natural horsemanship, or do groundwork with your horse, you will see a remarkable training difference with this halter. If you lunge your horses, you won't have a need to to switch the rope of your lunge line based on your horse's direction of travel.

What problems does it solve?
The Hybrid solves the lack of handiness and physically awkward dispersal of pressure when a signal is given to the horse because of the rope halter's simple construction and operation, which causes it to move and shift, sometimes out of the range of effectiveness. Also, the Hybrid Halter is a much better training and controlling tool than the traditional web/flat halter because of the thin material around the nose, jowl and noseband knots, which discourages the horse from leaning on it, combined with the accuracy of signal relay because of the sliding ring under the chin. The webbing side construction allows for personalization with a horse name or barn name that is not possible with a rope halter, plus a precision of fit that a rope halter just can't provide.

What about poll pressure? I've heard part of a rope halter's effectiveness is on the poll?
Most horses do not NEED additional discomfort applied to the poll with a thinner material or knots to yield with a positive response to pressure. When leading and/or doing ground work, horses (virtually always) push into pressure with their nose, not with their poll. Think about the mechanics of why people ever used a stud chain... the horse is pushing with his nose. The poll is sensitive and can be a source of defensiveness and fear based resistance. If discomfort is applied too soon or too agressively to the poll before the horse has learned the proper response, it can either create or exacerbate a problem or issue that already exists. In that very rare situation with a troubled horse that has a specific issue, I will occasionally add a thin string over the top of the poll and tied to the slide ring for a few training sessions to help reinforce my request and then remove it once again. On a numbers basis, this may be one individual in 500 that needs this particular approach. 

Each HYBRID is handmade, in the United States. The rope splicing and knot work alone takes 45 minutes and great care is taken to make every HYBRID a durable piece of tack and training equipment. The hardware is brass, the rope is UV resistant yachting braid that has superior training feel and will hold its color.

YES, you can go and pay less, much, much less for a cheap farm store halter or a dime a dozen rope clinician halter, BUT you will not have the features, the horse training functionality and the handcrafted quality of the Patent Pending HYBRIDHalter. Like the investment in a bridle, this is a piece of tack that will be in your tack room for years to come. It will help encourage lightness in your horse, discourage him from traveling around with his head tilted while lunging, give you better control on the ground and mimic the action of a sidepull thanks to its 180 degree slide ring. Shouldn’t your horse have good habits everywhere he goes, not just under saddle? 

Handcrafted by The Best Artisans
Each Hybrid is handcrafted by the best artisans in the industry, we sought out the best web halter experts and the best rope artisans to assemble the Hybrid. Each halter is contructed in two-stages, by experts in web halter construction and then by experts in rope tying and knotting, who add the precisely placed noseband knots and beautiful rosebud rope attachments to the hardware. All hardware is brass.

Overview of HYBRID Construction
The cheek pieces through the crown piece is consistent to the traditional web halter. The nose/chin piece, jowl piece and connection piece are made of either yacht rope, like the traditional rope halter, or the lariat rope option. There is a sliding ring under the chin where the lead rope is attached. The yacht rope Hybrid Halter has nose knots similar to the rope halter. The innovation of this halter is combining the best construction and control features of both the web/flat and rope halters, hence the name "Hybrid." Because of the strength of its splicing design which runs the rope back through itself twice at each attachment point to the halter, the halter's rope elements are strong and durable even under extreme working conditions. The same abrasian resistant yachting braid rope is used for a wide variety of marine applications and even for things as exotic as supporting the weight of aerialists in Cirque du Soleil! The cheek snap takes the largest brunt of stress in a pullback situation and has been looped on for easy replacement should your horse ever pull back hard enough to break this snap.


Size Breed/Age/Size Nose Circumference Dee to Dee*
Small Small headed adult Quarter Horses, average headed 2-year-olds, Cobb size ponies and Arabians.  22" 38"
Average Most adult Quarter Horses, Paints and Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Mustangs, Gypsies, smaller Warmbloods. Under 15.2 with average sized jowls.  24" 40"
Large Larger Warmbloods, Large Jowled Paints, Foundation Bred Quarter Horses with Larger heads, Mules  26" 44"

 *Dee to dee measurement is measured from side dees on either side of the horse's face, over the top of the poll to the opposite dee.