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hybrid halter leather halter rope halter leather with rope

Our own patented design in leather & rope

Hybrid Halter

Horse First

8X Olympian
Andrew Hoy

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HEC halters in his program 



USDF Gold Medalist

& Recipient of the 2023

Debbie McDonald Grant

in a trainer's own words

how it works

Don't take our word for it - hear direct from a trainer the benefits of our patented halter design

EQUINE comfort

Leading - Tying - Lungeing - Trailering

The patented Hybrid Halter is a full time replacement headcollar that your horse can wear for every life task. Yes, even the cross ties.

Our exclusive design gives the horse a chance to be right before any correction

A normal halter starts twisting on a horse's head and enforcing a correction as soon as you pick up on it - that's not fair...