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Lead Rope

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UV coated rope retains vibrancy and resists dirt
Choose your own snap option

Our super strong lead ropes are spliced from marine grade yachting rope, specially engineered for equine applications. It is UV, salt and water resistant and features extraordinary tensile strength thanks to its spliced construction. This 8' lead rope is just the right length for leading, ponying, and tying and a great match to any horse halter.

UV coated for durability

Hand spliced with heavy duty stitching

Won't burn your hands

Carries messages to your horse

Designed for leading, tying, training

One handed

Our strong lead rope snaps feature a outward opening tongue snap design that is easy to pull down with one hand - with or without gloves on.

They are pull tested to 2,100 pounds breaking strength.

Ultimate Snap

This patented double trigger design is crafted from solid stainless steel and features a lockout mechanism so that a horse cannot accidentally unsnap himself by rubbing, yet is easy and intuitive for you to open with one hand.

These lifetime snaps are guaranteed to never rust or deteriorate and are pull tested to 3,000 pounds breaking strength. They offer the ultimate in professional grade excellence.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Our yachting braid rope is the result of 25 years of experience in rope and fibers for horse training. This cordage is spun to our proprietary specifications for stretch, breaking strength and abrasion resistance.


The "energy" conducting properties of our yachting braid rope makes training easier by carrying the movement of a cue down the rope and to the horse. Floppy lunge lines, cotton or poly ropes are limp and lifeless, with no ability to carry important training cues.


Lead rope snaps can be replaced or swapped as desired, thanks to our loop end design.

This gives you flexibility and repairability in case a snap should wear out or you have a training application where no snap is a better choice.


Our ropes feature a blunt end, with no popper for the horse to chew while tied.