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Foal HYBRID Halter

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The best halter experience for young horses and minis

The Foal HYBRID features a leather poll and cheek for stability and a criss crossed figure eight design with slide ring undercarriage. The slide ring has just enough play for the young foal thanks to the figure eight design and allows for smooth and easy threading of a foal handling line (as a girth rope) or later a seamless transition to a snap end lead rope.

Figure 8 design

Impeccable stitching and craftsmanship

Excellent longevity

Gently introduces learning to your foal

Designed for leading, tying, training


Our soft foal lines can help you gently transition your baby into leading by the halter ring - greatly reducing the risk of flip over

Training progression

SOFT training ropes

When the time comes to lead your foal by the chin