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Dirt Defender Sport Boots

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Design original to HEC. Sling support + dirt tight design


Design original to HEC.


Darted design conforms to the horse's fetlock, cradling it with impact protection, while a high cut front ensures a dirt tight seal that most sport boots simply can't offer.


Velcro on boot tongue, along with specially angled velcro bindings help give the most ergonomic fit possible.


Microsuede covered velcro is quiet if the horse rubs a leg in a maneuver and is extremely durable.


Small and medium size have two velcro attachments on the upper leg, large has three attachments for extra security for longer cannon bones.


Maximum shock absorption and impact protection.


Construction: 80% neoprene,10% polyester,10% nylon


Padding: A total of 9 mm (.35") of padding on the leg with double layer construction and close fit contouring to give maximum protection to the leg without any movement obstructing bulk.



Small: 14 - 15 hands

Medium: 15 - 16 hands

Large: 16 - 17 hands