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Warranty Policy for Tack, Apparel, Lifestyle and Tools

I hope you really enjoy what you've ordered. All of the things I make have been coerced into being with careful attention, details obsessed over, and put through their paces.

This work truly brings me joy to know I'm making horses' lives better and yet dealing with rude customers, internet trolls and mean people remains the primary challenge I experience. To address this, protect my mental health and to also not propagate further negativity in this world - here is what I would like you to know before you order:
I have a small business. I run it by myself. Like you, I am a human with a family and animals I love and care about. When you buy this product you agree to a kindness clause. If you deal with me without kindness there will be no refund and no exchange.



You may return the product at your expense of anything that doesn't please you as long as it is in like new condition, a refund will be issued in the amount of the product. Shipping fees are not refunded and return shipping for your order is your responsibility.

Your exchange or return cannot be accepted after 7 days or if the item has been worn by horse or human and does not have its tags still attached.

The item must be returned within 7 days of receipt to you. No exceptions. 
Any defects, which are extremely rare will get a replacement.
To request a return, go to the contact us page to request a link to our returns system which will guide you through the process, as well as our Columbus, Ohio return address.


Keep in mind, 99% of the time you think you think you have a fit issue with your halter being too small, you have the right halter and a wear-in period will result in an ideal fit. The same goes for any training tool, it may take a period of time to see results, there are no instant fixes when it comes to horse training, and if there were, their results would not last.

If you do decide to return something, it needs to be clean and in new condition, including tags

Pocket Flags, Sticks, Flags and Pocket Sticks:

These items are not eligible for return. I will tell you that if you are rough on tools, I would not suggest the Pocket Flag or Pocket Stick - I would choose the Slim Stick instead. All the tools are well made, but it is akin to asking an eyeglass screwdriver to do the job of a big fat great leverage screwdriver. The Slim Stick I offer that is not retractable is much more durable, can sustain the heaviest impact and does not require any finesse. The Pocket Flag does require both some care keeping it clean, not sustaining impact and being good with your hands, so my only advisory to you, is pick the right tool for how you use it, as I do not warrant or offer returns for anyone's own lack of patience or lack of care within product instruction. The Pocket Stick is substantial enough to carry a pocket string and sustain light tapping but still should not be leaned on or stored out in the elements.

Here are some helpful tutorials specific to the Pocket Flag:



Sorry, no size exchanges or returns on blankets. It is impossible for them to come back clean enough to restock. Please measure your horse before ordering.


I do not offer exchanges - all "exchanges" are done as a return and a new order.


All orders are shipped from the United States. International shipping, duties and tax are the responsibility of the buyer. I do everything I can to keep shipping rates low, fair and reflective of what I am charged by carriers.


I Try My Hardest to Treat Everyone Like Friends and Leave a Kind Path, 
I ask you do the same.