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Why Our Products Don't Go On Sale

I do not put HEC products on sale - its a bit counterintuitive, but as a small maker, here's why:

  • I'm committed to providing the best quality at the most feasible price year round
  • I design, craft and price my products to their true value and do not build in the false blowout sale margins of a large company
  • You can purchase halters and tools year round with absolute peace of mind. I think there is nothing more frustrating than buying something and it goes on sale a few weeks later. I don't want my community to feel that buyer's remorse, so I keep my handcrafted prices consistent year round.
  • The only discounts you will find on my products are with special arrangement to select trainers and riders who are part of HEC's wider mission to amplify examples of compassionate and effective horsemanship across sports and inspire others to succeed with an empathic horse-centered approach.
  • This approach allows my small brand to be sustainable, producing in the small luxe pret style HEC has become known for (bespoke quality available off the shelf in small artisan batches).
  • This means I am not 'disposing' of excess stock or wasting natural resources or fuels. Creating sustainable, repairable, horse equipment that will be with your horse for years is the bedrock of the HEC brand.
  • I believe you should only purchase something for your horse if you truly love it and it is effective, encouraging you to avoid the bargain buy and focus on the thoughtful purchases and lasting products that your horse or dog will wear throughout many years adventures with you.
  • I have selected a few staple items this year to offer for a few days time in the spirit of celebration and the hope that these will make their way into the stockings of your barn friends. Several of these are not products I make but those that I appreciate the design of.

Thank you for being a part of the HEC family.

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Stirrup Covers by Finer Equine

The Horse Education Company

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Ride On Saddle Cover for Jump or GP Saddle by Finer Equine

The Horse Education Company

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