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Skills Tutorial: Pocket Flag

Skills Tutorial: Pocket Flag

A very well known natural horsemanship educator once said anyone who calls an animal stupid is sure to have been outsmarted by it. Patience in horsemanship teaches us so much about ourselves.

Skills that we can practice away from the horse, build our understanding of ourselves and our use of our hands with the horse. Or said another way, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Our Retractable Pocket Flag is one of the most popular items we carry. With over 10 years of testing we have long since dialed in the precise machining of the parts, the right coatings to use, the optimal fabric that will have eye-catching movement to it. It is also a tool that is a truth revealer.

You may be used to a tool that requires no skill to use - like a static flag or horsemanship stick, you may lean on tools you have now when you don't know you are, or whack things you don't know that you are because you aren't aware of where your hands are.

The Pocket Flag is a wonderfully handy tool that will reward patience, good hands and AWARENESS - all the same things that lead to success in a training outcome. Here are some helpful tips as you make friends with your new tool.

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