Retractable Pocket Stick ( Rigid Horse Whip)


Horsemanship stick functionality that fits in your pocket!


- Need to teach a horse to lead up? 

- Need to load a horse in the trailer 

- Need to encourage a horse to go? 

- Traveling and don't want a long stick? 

- Want something that can discreetly fit in your grooming box?

- Want one tool that can go from the lunge to an under saddle riding aid in no time at all?

  • A compelling option to a horseman's stick and string or lungeing whip, the Retractable Pocket Stick has the body and substance to attach our signature Pocket Strings for the ideal groundwork/lungeing combination. Sometimes, it can be hard to predict when you might need a ground tool or whip - but the Pocket Stick offers the perfect solution thanks to its packable and discreet size. This also makes a wonderful tool for horses that require extra desensitization to tools or are tool wise. Aluminum construction with a black rubber grip.

  • Extends to 38", retracts to less than 10". Available with or without string. If you purchase a Pocket Flag at the same time, you can then use the fabric flag on either tool and graduate to the lighter finesse of the pocket flag as your training progresses.

  • Light - it weighs 2.7 ounces, versus most horsemanship sticks which weigh over a pound.

  • Can also be used as an under saddle aid in the style of a dressage whip or for bridleless 'stick riding'.

  • How does it differ from the Pocket Flag?
    Whilst feather light and an absolute joy to work with, the Pocket Flag will not work with a string and will not sustain any impact - the Pocket Stick can carry a string and sustain light tapping as required by horsemanship exercises requiring direct rhythmic pressure. The Pocket Flag retracts from the bottom up by bumping the pieces gently (video on that can be found here) - the Pocket Stick retracts more rapidly by pushing on the tip with your hand. If you are not a patient person or are hard on tools, I suggest the Pocket Stick. Both tools are non-refundable and are not warranted for breakage. You shouldn't hit people, horses or objects with them, it is just not nice.

    The Pocket Flag must be used extended to its full length. The Pocket Stick, by contrast, can be used at any length and will "lock in" where you adjust it to - this gives you great versatility to use it as everything from a riding bat to a horsemanship stick/lunge whip.

  • Care of the Pocket Stick:
    Aluminum will not rust, but can corrode, so for best longevity, store dry and out of direct sun. Do not lean on the stick, or its tip. 

  • Can I use any horsemanship string?
    No, the eye of stick is designed just for the Pocket String - a normal horsemanship string will be too fat to fit through the eye.

  • How light is it?
    Stick weighs 2.75 ounces, string weighs 1.3 ounces. For comparison, most natural horsemanship sticks on the market weigh well over a pound. We do make a Slim Stick that is 40% lighter than average, but the Pocket Stick is by far and away the lightest stick option.