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Red Light Therapy Happy Cap for Horses

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Aids in relaxation and stress reduction

The Happy Cap is a padded poll device designed for hands-free treatment of the frontal sinuses, the temporomandibular joint, occiput (base of the skull), atlas (first cervical vertebra), axis (second cervical vertebra) as well as some of the primary acupuncture points in the area. It is ideal for the nervous horse prior to competition, a horse having a bad day, stressed, grinding his teeth and between chiropractic treatments.

Soothing the Horse's Poll region

The base of the skull is one of the most compromised areas of the body due to the manner in which we handle, treat, tie and ride our horses. As a result, the upper neck is one of the most commonly injured areas of the horse and this can affect and disturb the integrity of the whole spine. 

Stimulating the body

The Happy Cap is used to calm and relax the horse through the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system and the production of the natural opioids, endorphins and enkephalins.

Making work less stressful

In training and handling, a great many cases of head shyness and poor attitude are the direct reflection of problems associated with this area and so it is very useful for improved handling and training.

Natural feel good effect

Observations during the use of the cap suggest responses of sedation or relaxation of the whole body, stretching and possible assistance in draining sinus problems. 

“My palamino mare Lauren struggles with her poll area, chiropractic care helped, but was on the lookout for something else I could do. She's also easily stressed by the noise of a show environment. This cap had a noticeable effect on her relaxation and comfort. I offer it on the web site because I know how frustrating it can be to watch your horse struggle and this cap definitely helps them with comfort in my opinion.”

– Sara Johnson, owner Horse Education