The Sport of Reining with Shawn Flarida

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Even if you never plan on undertaking competition in the fast paced and fascinating sport of reining, you'll love what gold medalist Shawn Flarida shares with Kalley Krickeberg and you the viewer in this 4.5 hour DVD. Starting with physical evaluation in the round pen, you learn what physical characteristics makes a horse suited to being his most athletic under saddle, you'll learn how getting control of your horse's chin, hip and whithers will allow you to microadjust any manuever midstride and put your horse in his most comfortable and powerful position to do his job with quality. If you want refined body control, lightness and an understanding of how to make your horse his most athletic, you'll find knowledge in this DVD that you've never seen in one spot ever before.

Packed with theory, feel and training how-to, you'll learn everything from how to master fun maneuvers like the spin, lead change, or sliding stop to how to see finite detail as a top trainer would. Kalley, the knowledgeable and enthusiastic student new to the sport of reining asks fascinating questions and the depth of the answers from Shawn make you feel that you have a fly-on-the-wall view while these two amazing individuals talk shop.

Runtime: 4.5 hours