The Sport of Liberty with Kalley Krickeberg

Product Description
An athlete and competitor by nature, Kalley Krickeberg has become iconic for her exciting, touching and fast-paced iberty demonstrations, which test the athleticism, ability and connection of her team of liberty horses.

In this 4-disc DVD set, Kalley takes you through her liberty horse development framework of Motivate, Control & Communicate, which will help you ensure that your body language is precise, your communication is clear, and your connection with your horse continues to be enriching, with an ever expanding amount of heart to be called upon. Starting from work with a single horse on line and progressing all the way to managing a team of six, there isn't a step of liberty development Kalley doesn't touch on in this compelling and clear DVD.

85% of this DVD covers the liberty development of a single horse, starting with a horse that knows no ground work at all. The last 15% covers how to get a liberty team of multiple horses working together. This DVD represent the most thorough single horse liberty curriculum available, way beyond round pen basics or freework in the arena, it covers how to get your horse to use both his mind and body athletically while at liberty.

You'll learn how to MOTIVATE your horse to connect with you - to want to be with you - so that he pays attention to your requests, which allows you to build an exponential amount of try into him over his career. Then, you'll master basic skills you need to CONTROL your horse's body parts and movements. Once you have those basic skills built in and you understand how to move his personal space around, then it is time for some high-level liberty COMMUNICATION - where the real fun begins!

From safety strategies, tools and visualization all the way to learning how to develop your own liberty maneuvers, this compelling DVD includes everything you'll need to become fair, deliberate and graceful with your horses in The Sport of Liberty.
$249.99 USD

Segments include:

  • Basics: Rules of the Game
  • Tools
  • Movement, Voice Cues and What Not To Do
  • Families of Maneuvers
  • Safety
  • Motivating a Horse with No Prior Liberty Experience
  • Pre-Game Checks and Skills Online
  • Developing Control at Liberty
  • Communicating with the Advanced Liberty Horse
  • Manufacturing a Maneuver - Spin
  • Making it a Team Sport - Introducing Multiple Horses
  • Lesson: Three Horses at Liberty Together
  • Moving Horses from Horseback
  • Plus Additional Bonus Features!

Runtime: 6hrs, 30min

Why is this DVD called the Sport of Liberty with Multiple Horses?

The title is a play on words, really. In the DVD, 85% of what we cover is all about developing the liberty training of multiple individual horses by themselves. It was important to me to introduce you to each of the horses on my liberty team and explain in the beginning what kind of nature they have, skeptical, defiant, etc., so that hopefully you can recognize your horse in one of the horse's on my team and observe the strategies and techniques I use with that individual. Beyond working with multiple individuals, of course, we also go into one of my personal passions on the last disc of the DVD... multiple horse liberty and how to get multiple horses sychronized with you and taking direction with precision and respect. The building blocks are all there, how to introduce a new horse to the herd, how the drive line sets you up for liberty, how to visualize personal space. I wanted this DVD to be a resource for anyone interested in liberty... whether they have never done any groundwork at all with their horse, or whether they are already enjoying liberty at a more advanced level. ~Kalley

What people are saying about The Sport of Liberty DVD:

Just finished a snow storm day up here in eastern canada and re-watched the whole Sport of Liberty DVD set. every time i watch them, i learn new things. Please thank Kalley for being so engaging and so lovey with her horses- it's so nice to see her excited and happy and in awe of what her horses can do, even though she's been doing it for so long. SO inspiring! - Danique Rowsell

I'm watching your Sport of Liberty DVD's today. I took 9 pages of notes on just the first two discs. I love this and wanted you to know that I have never felt like I had a better understanding of liberty and how to go about achieving it as I do now. Great job! Your horse Savvy is VERY much like my horse Phoenix, so I especially loved seeing how you worked with her. Thank you for this DVD set. Look forward to more from you in the future. -Marguerite Mobley