The Educated Young Horse: On The Ground with Kalley Krickeberg

Product Description

The Essential Ground & Life Skills Every Horse Should Know

The Educated Young Horse: On The Ground is perfect for:

  • Weanlings, Yearlings and Young Horses preparing for the Colt Starting phase of their education
  • Older Horses who would benefit from a straightforward, essential repetoire of ground and life skills - just the right amount to be effective, but without needless depth that gets you stuck and hampers forward progress
  • Curriculum for a Pre-Ride Systems Check for any riding aged horse
  • Owners whose goal is to get on and ride, but want to make sure their horse has a thorough understanding of pressure and safe and appropriate responses to it before stepping in the saddle
  • Riders who want to invest 30-40 hours of training development on the ground for improved results in colt starting and/or existing under saddle work
  • Horses who are challenged in their life skills and have problems during trailering, vet prep, farrier prep, grooming, cinching, water crossings or leading up
  • Owners who want to ensure their horse undergoes future stages of their training career with less stress, greater understanding and more rapid, balanced results
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How This Horse Training Program is Structured:
This 4.5 hour curriculum covers all the essentials (with no needless extras) any horse needs to know on the ground to navigate life in our shared horse-human world successfully. Included are strationary and in motion groundwork, saddle prep, basic liberty in a round pen, trailering, tying, batheing, vet & farrier prep. It is shot in Kalley's signature Trainer's Eye View format so you see how she works through every exercise with a horse who knows none of the skills, a horse who has some development but needs to be brought forward as a learner and with a horse with finished skills. 

By keeping the outcomes clear, fair and deliberate for the horse, Kalley is able to cover this life skills program in just 30 hours of total training development. Fit that development into your horse life however best suits you... a half hour a day or weekend sessions over the period of several months, and then only revisit those skills as needed over your horse's life. It is a simple, clear training program built upon how a horse of any age learns about the world around him.

Whether you are sending your young horse off for training, looking forward to undertaking the colt starting process yourself or looking to advance groundwork with a horse of any age, you are sure to find the preparatory skills Kalley shares with you in this multi-part DVD invaluable. Learn directly from a full-time horse trainer and developer, not a touring clinician, the practical essentials a horse needs on the ground to understand pressure more readily and experience more success in the rest of his life and career as a recreational companion or competitive show horse.

You'll see the finished objectives of a solidly Educated Young Horse including a full gamut of life skills ranging from simple ground skills, to vet/farrier prep and even trailer loading. Youll see how key variations and combinations of critical Fundamental Skills set the young horse up for lifelong success. Special fly-on-the-wall, Trainers Eye View Sessions with developing young horses show you how to interweave Fundamental Skills as Kalley would to progress your horses learning in a rapid and effective manner that remains engaging and relavant for you and your horse!

Critical tips on feel, timing, lightness and the balance between obedience and heart make this compelling DVD series a must have for any horse owner who wants to improve their skills, training feel and results with horses of any age.

Runtime: 4 Hours.

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental Skills – Horse with Finished Skills
    • Tool Preparation
    • Stationary Control
    • Control in Motion
  • Applications – Horse with Finished Skills
    • Obstacles
    • The Traile
    • Ball, Liberty Work & Bareback Pad
  • Life Skills – Horse with Finished Skills
    • Vet & Farrier
    • Tying
    • Bathing
  • Trainer’s Eye View – Yearling with Minimal Development
    • Fundamental Skills in the Round Pen
    • Obstacles and the Trailer
    • Ball, Liberty Work and Bareback Pad
  • Trainer’s Eye View – Weanling with No Experience
    • How to Get Started

"I called this DVD The Educated Young Horse, but really, it applies to any age horse. I like my horses, no matter what age to be as handy on the ground as they are in the saddle. I want them to be easy to move around, load into wash bays, stalls or trailers, but most of all, I want to start working on their mental maturity as soon as possible. The mental maturity comes from experiences and the curriculum I've put together is a simple one, but one that once the skills are acquired, they've had an opportunity to have a lot of experiences and in turn, grown their mental maturity quotient. The mental maturity the young horse will achieve during this education sets the colt starting process up to be far less dramatic and often, less tramatic to the horse. The horse will already understand how to yield from pressure in many different ways and he's already figured out how to be a sequential and consequential thinker - what I think of as "smart". 

In terms of older horses, or troubled horses even, there are times you'll run across an older horse you find yourself working around things to get along or get by. This curriculum can be very valuable to filling in the holes and for a horse like this and getting you back on a path of forward progression when you are feeling stuck.

The curriculum will open your eyes to how horses think about pressure and how they resist it and how we can help them understand how to respond in a positive way, versus in a negative, or sometimes dangerous way. The way the DVD is put together, is unlike any I've seen in an instructional DVD. We show you a horse that's proficient and then actually go backwards all the way to a weanling that only knows how to lead off of pressure. In the middle of that, we show you a yearling with minimal development and walk you through some of the scenarios that are normally exciting to a horse, for example the first cinching and feel of the girth. Like a movie shot backwards from end to beginning, the plot so to speak of how to train the horse to a level of understanding and proficiency will unfurl and my hope is that when you get to the end, you hit play and start at the beginning again, ready to absorb another level of detail." ~Kalley