Synthetic/Beta Lariat Hybrid Halter

$85.00 USD

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Made in the USA from premium UV coated yachting braid. Hand stitched and spliced.
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Maximum control for horses - like having a built-in stud chain, but gentler and as effective

Have a horse that has learned some bad habits on the ground?


Spooks easily?


Pulls away?


Resorting to a stud chain but want a gentler way?


Want to ride in a halter/bosal while staying in control?


Our maximum control Hybrid Halter is just what you’re looking for when control is essential. Each Lariat Hybrid Halter is handcrafted using a specially spun Lariat rope and will be comfortable and non-hair rubbing for your horse for your horse, while giving you the effective control to correct pushiness, charging and pulling away. Favorite tool of our clients who are professional trainers and competitors. Solid brass hardware. The flat strap portions of the halter are made of biothane which is a rubber coated nylon that does not need conditioning or upkeep of any kind and will always look just as it does today. Great for the wash bay or heavy use in all elements.