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How to Catch, Halter & Lead Horses DVD
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On the surface, teaching a horse to halter and lead appears to be a simple, elementary process. However, in practice, getting the results you want can be a little wild and wooly and carry the risk of flipping over if you don't know how to achieve consistent results in an effective, and safe, manner. In this essential skills DVD, Kalley Krickeberg teaches you simple and efficient strategies to develop a lifelong pattern of lightness and keep you and your young horse out of the wild and wooly zone!

With Simply Haltering, Kalley illustrates techniques proven to effectively catch, halter and lead horses, including the importance of proper angles and how to build a positive pattern of lightness off the halter.

This DVD covers a situation a lot of people find themselves in: working with young horses that are too old for foal handling, but have yet to be halter broken. The horses on this DVD have been around humans before, but have no haltering experience and no understanding of halter pressure. You'll see how to work with an easy-going, calm colt in one session, while the other session features a reactive, skeptical colt. You're likely to experience both situations at some point, so we felt it was important to illustrate both ends of the spectrum.

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  • Preparation: Tools & Enclosures
  • Theory: First-Time Tips
  • Haltering: First Steps with a Gentle Colt
  • Adding Feel to the Line
  • Working with Angles
  • Strategy: Keeping Shallow Angles
  • Lateral Flexion Test
  • Pressure Puzzle
  • Pasture Simulations
  • Walk Outside

Runtime: 1 hr, 35 min

As a master young horse developer, Kalley understands that no two horses are the same and that truly there is no one size fits all training method. However, a universal understanding of angles, proper visualization and proper timing of pressure and its release can rapidly accelerate results with ANY young horse once you have those arrows in your quiver.

Throughout the training sessions, Kalley proves to be a deeply intellectual and practical teacher. Working with a multitude of young horses has instilled in Kalley a sense of patience, calmness and resourcefulness while teaching young horses and their owners alike.

"I don't believe in breaking something, just so I can fix it later," says Kalley, "I like to go about things in a practical manner that gets the job done without creating any more work than it should. For instance, if I can just walk up to a colt and slide the halter on, I will, no need to burst their bubble and run them around just for something to do that isnt related to the outcome you are actually after. I hope Simply Haltering helps people get these first critical feels put into their young horses, so they can appreciate how amazing horses can be, how light they can be and how hard they can try for you from the very start."

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