Shank Snaffle Bit

Product Description
This is a really versatile all around bit. It is a great bit to introduce a young or inexperienced horse to a curb bit. It still mainly works off of the lips and bars the same way a regular ring snaffle does, but with the addition of the curb pressure. Because of the shank design, you can use this bit in a variety of ways ie; snaffle only, shank only, or both (depending on where you attach your reins). The shank snaffle is more for loose rein riding vs collecting a horse, though can be used for a level of collection. This bit will last a lot of horses a lifetime, it's also a great bit for a novice rider with inconsistent hands, this bit is not severe but has good authority when needed.

5" x 3/8" mouth 7" Shank Snaffle. Approved for National Snaffle Bit Association and National Reining Horse Association competition. 
$84.99 USD