Pop Up Weighted Barrel

Product Description
Full size barrel and all the training advantage at a fraction of the weight. So easy to pack up and move around, or pack up and take with you if you are training in various locations. The weighted ends keep them securely in place in reasonable weather, but if you need extra weight, you can simply open the end with the draw string and add sand or rocks as you need. And of course, because it is made of material, it is not meant to be pawed or stood on by your horse, it is something to jump over or travel around! Take your obstacles with you! The Patented Design of these convenient collapsible barrels feature a weighted bottom for stability and pop up to full size whenever you need them. Light and easy to move, they allow you to set up portable obstacles on the fly without dragging out a bunch of heavy, awkward obstacles or having your pasture or arena littered with visual clutter. 

Use for:
  • Groundwork or riding obstacles
  • Barrel Racing or Gymkhana
  • Carrying and storing your gear on the way to the paddock
Light and convenient, they are constructed of a durable nylon that makes brushing off dust and dirt a snap.

Available as singles, or as a set of three with a FREE carrying case.
$59.99 USD