Over Under

Product Description

For the horse who needs rhythmic pressure to encourage forward momentum.

You don't have to be relegated to bulky mecate reins! Simply attach the 56" long over under over your saddle horn and continue to ride in your choice of split or loop reins without having to juggle the inconvenience of excess rope or a dressage whip. Great in speed events, colt starting, trail riding, correcting the shoulder in advanced riding maneuvers or for any horse who needs additional forward momentum time to time. 

Hand spliced yachting braid rope is UV coated for superior wear and color vibrance and finished with a bleeding heart leather popper tanned to be wear and weather resistant.

Training tip: Apply your leg or forward cue, if there is no response, with the over under in one hand apply rhythmic pressure side to side at your own shoulder level, you can then progress so side to side across the saddle if needed. Halting the rhythmic pressure as soon as your horse responds with an increase in momentum will help build lightness and soon with discipline, he will respond off leg or seat cue alone. It can be great fun with a finished horse to ride without your reins and reinforce your leg cues with a light application of the over under for a sharpness tune up.

$17.99 USD