Natural Restoring Leather Balm Leather Conditioner

Product Description

What we love about this all-natural leather balm leather conditioner:

  • It can restore your leather, even if you've been lax taking care of it!
  • Its ideal for deep conditioning and preserving of tack
  • It is made in the USA, just like the HYBRID Halter!
  • It features no animal byproducts
  • Its formulated for cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Its safe, you don't have to wear gloves like with other oils or leather care
  • It even works on scratches and light leather cracks

In a single application this restoring and preserving leather balm penetrates leather for immediate results. Carefully optimized to preserve glossy and shiny finishes, this all-natural, healing and preserving formula will enrich the color and vibrancy of your leather, maintaining its youth and functionality over the long haul. Great for conditioning your leather HYBRID Halters, reins, saddles and all leather tack.

Includes a fine pore sponge for consistent and even application.

$15.99 USD