Liberty Sticks

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These sticks are light and fast for the best liberty training control

Once you get past the initial stages of liberty development (the Motivation Phase), a more precise tool is a must. A regulation stick and string is slow, heavy and less precise than a liberty stick. The Horse Education Company's specially selected liberty sticks feature a soft and durable grip handle, light yet precise lashes, and are specifically designed for clear and responsive motion. 

The Liberty Stick with Short Lash has a 46" shaft, a 16" tail and a 13" lash. 
The Liberty stick with Long Lash has a 40” shaft with a 40” tail and a 10” lash.

Available as a set or sold separately. We recommend using both in tandem in order to cover long and short range simultaneously. Can also be used as a cue aid while driving or for more accurate body shaping while lungeing, when you want the horse to soften a particular part of his body.

"This short lash stick has a really good light and lively feel that I love. It carries your motion accurately and can be soft when you need it to be and quick and effective when you need it. I most often pair it with a long lash stick so that I can work short and long range simultaneously. The long lash tool has a lively feel, with a longer reach because of the extended lash. It gives a similar feel to a "regulation" stick and string because you still have a long lash, but it is lighter and more responsive and therefor a faster, more responsive tool." ~ Kalley Krickeberg, Liberty Horse Trainer

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