Intro to Clicker Training for Horses DVD by Mary Kitzmiller

Product Description

In this introduction to Mary Kitzmiller’s Positive Reinforcement Training you’ll discover the fundamentals of this amazingly effective and fun technique. Using a distinct, clear sound that your horse can recognize as meaning “Yes! That was exactly right!” (a handheld ‘clicker’ at first) and some of his favorite snacks, you’ll be shown how to create a willingness to learn in your horse that will build his ‘trys’.

Mary will show you how to reward your horse for desired responses, and avoid potential ‘treat-mugging’ from the get-go: first steps towards shaping more complicated behaviors further on at liberty and under saddle. You’ll learn how to get the timing right with your clicker. She’ll also introduce the concept of using a ‘target’. From Day One you and your horse will look forward to your training sessions!

$69.99 USD