Hybrid Saddle

Product Description

We've combined the best saddle design featured from across the globe to make this truly unique and ultra-comfortable saddle.

Hand made, the saddle features REAL shearling, a super close contact design that puts your leg as close to your horse as possible,  no horn - harkening to a traditional Brazilian or Australian saddle and the angle of a reining saddle to give you a secure seat.

The result is so comfortable! It weighs in at just 26 pounds and makes you feel close to the horse for responsiveness.

  • Double padded suede seat for comfort and grip
  • 7/8 rigging 
  • 16" seat
  • Full quarter horse bars
  • In skirt rigging
  • Hand tooled
  • Covered stirrups
  • Blevins buckle stirrup adjustments
  • Great trail saddle, colt starting saddle or recreational saddle for any rider.

In stock in 16" seat, CONTACT US for details on customizing your own. Delivery is 8-10 weeks.

$1,995.00 USD