HYBRID Halter with Lariat Nose

Product Description

Maximum Control of Any HYBRID Style

Struggling with a horse that has learned some bad habits on the ground? Resorting to a stud chain but want a gentler way? Want to ride in a halter/bosal while staying in control? The Lariat HYBRID is just the ticket for your needs if you answered yes! Each Lariat HYBRID is handcrafted using a special XX-Soft Lariat rope and will be soft wearing and comfortable for your horse, while giving you the maximum control to correct pushiness, charging and pulling away.

WHY do you need a PATENTED HYBRID Halter?

  • Horse can’t push on you like they can in a web halter
  • Horse can't push through it with their nose like they can in a rope halter
  • ELIMINATES the need for a chain
  • Cross tie in it & personalize it like a web halter
  • The 180 degree slide ring action discourages your horse from torqueing his head while lunging
  • You will always have control of your horse’s nose
  • Take it on and off like a bridle thanks to the throatlatch snap, no buckling or knots
  • Saves hours a day over multiple horses just in on/off time alone!
  • Unlike a rope halter, the knots won't tighten in a pullback situation
  • Can be ridden in and will have a sidepull type action
  • The application of pressure, its angle and its release translates directly to the bridle with no chance for bad habits to develop on the ground


    $69.99 USD
    • Handmade in the United States
    • Solid Brass Hardware - will NEVER rust
    • Premium Nylon Webbing

    Handcrafted by The Best Artisans
    Each Hybrid is handcrafted by the best artisans in the industry, we sought out the best web halter experts and the best rope artisans to assemble the Hybrid. Each halter is contructed in two-stages, by experts in web halter construction and then by experts in rope tying and knotting, who add the precisely placed noseband knots and beautiful rosebud rope attachments to the hardware. All hardware is brass.


    Overview of HYBRID Construction
    The cheek pieces through the crown piece is consistent to the traditional web halter. The nose/chin piece, jowl piece and connection piece are made of lariat rope. There is a sliding ring under the chin where the lead rope is attached. The innovation of this halter is combining the best construction and control features of both the web/flat and rope halters, hence the name "Hybrid." The cheek snap takes the largest brunt of stress in a pullback situation and has been looped on for easy replacement should your horse ever pull back hard enough to break this snap.


    Size Breed/Age/Size Nose Circumference Dee to Dee*
    Suckling Foal  Foals up to weaning  Figure 8  
    Mini Miniature horses  18" 28"
    Weanling Shetland ponies and weanling foals  20" 34"
    Yearling Yearling horses and sport poinies, POA's  21" 36"
    Arabian Arabians with a signature long head  22" 39"
    Small Small headed adult Quarter Horses, average headed 2-year-olds, Cobb size ponies and Arabians.  22" 38"
    Average Most adult Quarter Horses, Paints and Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Mustangs, Gypsies, smaller Warmbloods. Under 15.2 with average sized jowls.  24" 40"
    Large Larger Warmbloods, Large Jowled Paints, Foundation Bred Quarter Horses with Larger heads, Mules  26" 44"
    XX-Large/Draft For all drafts and most draft crosses  28" 50"


     *Dee to dee measurement is measured from side dees on either side of the horse's face, over the top of the poll to the opposite dee.