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Love your HYBRID Halter but your horse pulls back like a gorilla? Mice decided to make a feast in your tack room? New puppy mistook your favorite halter for a chewy toy? Never fear! 

    Here's how to return your halter for repair (within the United States):
    • Add this item to your cart and checkout, that way, we will know to expect your repair and not have to bother you for the return shipping fees when we receive it

    • Ship your halter back to us the address below. We suggest using US Postal Priority Mail as the fastest, most cost-effective option:
    Horse Education Company
    13141 NW 87th Ave Road
    Reddick, FL 32686
    • Be sure to include your name inside your package.
    • We can do repairs on any of the rope portions of your halter.
    $15.00 USD

    Things to know about HYBRID sizing:

    • It is okay if your halter is snug under the chin when you first try it on.
    • If it is snug, tighten the nose knots with your hands. Also make sure that the eyelets on the jowl are pulled down as shown in the photo (it makes things look neater and will also give you some sizing play)
    • With use, the splices will tighten down and elongate slightly, in most cases giving you the perfect amount of play for the horse to open his mouth to yawn, chew, drink, blow and for the ring to have the best effect
    • A tailored fit is preferred. If you've used rope halters for years you might be expecting that fit, which is rather sloppy in comparison to the Hybrid (think a button down shirt versus a t shirt).
    • Ideal clearance under chin is at least one finger of space under the chin once the halter has been used for a few sessions. If you have a good fit in the jowl and poll, but much more play under the chin than a few fingers, you'll also be fine. The HYBRID has a wide latitude of effectiveness based on sizing, it being looser around the nose will not have any detrimental effects, however, in that case, you may want to try this next tip to shorten the poll strap without burning additional holes in the webbing...
    • If your halter is a little too big, you can loop the poll strap back through itself on the off side. This is a great trick and we routinely use it so that a larger halter will fit a growing young horse (see photo with green webbing)
    • The photos show a properly fitted average halter fresh from the box which will loosen with use to what we would call an ideal fit. If your halter looks like this on your horse when it arrives, do the happy dance!

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