Fall Limited Edition Pumpkin Lariat

Product Description

Special edition pumpkin orange for FALL 2017 only!

Choose from either 22' Snap Lariat for groundwork or the 32' Round Pen Lariat for roping and skill building. Our xx-soft lariat carries energy like yachting braid, but is a fraction of the weight and won't snag or pick up dirt! A Horse Education Company original.

    Handmade in the USA.

    22' Snap Lariat features a solid brass swivel snap that has the perfect heft for control, but won't clank around your horse's jaw. 
    $44.99 USD $49.99 USD
    • Rope with less coil tension than traditional lariats, so easier to handle for doing groundwork
    • Still has enough weight to be used for practicing your rope handling skills
    • Soft malleable feel so that energy travels down it in a manner similar to yachting braid
    • Traditional natural and attractive color fleck options to accent the rest of your equipment
    • Great for ground driving, we suggest picking lariats of different colors, which will help you keep your right and left lines organized at a glance!

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