32' Round Pen Lariat

Product Description

Whether you are starting colts or simply enjoying the satisfaction of mastering the skill of roping, if you're roping in the round pen, having a lariat that is too long can just be a hassle to manage at best and dangerous at worst should you accidentally get caught in your coils. To make round pen roping easier and safer, Horse Education Company has developed this 32' Round Pen Lariat.

Great for ground driving when you need a little more room than the 22' Lariats provide. We suggest picking lariats of different colors, which will help you keep your right and left lines organized at a glance!

Can also be used as a groundwork line with the addition of our Solid Brass Swivel Snap.

$49.99 USD
  • 5/16" lariat is soft in your hands
  • Great body and feel for novice and experienced rope handlers
  • Hand tied hondo
  • Made specifically for Horse Education Company by one of the most innovative rope artisans in the United States
  • Same extra soft lariat used in the 22' Groundwork Lariat

"Beyond situations where you NEED to rope a horse to catch him, roping an already tame horse passively can do so much good. The sound of the rope, the nature of the mechanics in the action of swinging and throwing the rope, and then finally the feel of the rope when it lands can elicit all sorts of emotions and reactions to work through with the horse to build his strength of character." ~ Kalley Krickeberg, Horse Education Company brand ambassador

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