Lunge N' Slide


Builds horse fitness, carriage and bit lightness on the ground

What it is:

Training resistance band for horses that help prepare them mentally and physically to be ridden, without the interference from the rider.

Designed by an Olympic coach and competitor, and used by a range of riders from natural horsemanship clinicians, to recreational riders. Handcrafted in the UK of superior quality, heavy gauge bungie material, the Lunge N' Slide is engineered to give the horse give and self-resistance during a groundwork or lungeing warm-up.

A survey conducted by the American Association of Equine Practitioners found that 62 percent of equine veterinarians believe a healthy topline is key to fewer injuries. 


What it is NOT:

The Lunge N' Slide is not a headsetter, draw reins or side reins. They are not designed for restricting a horse or binding him. They are designed just like elastic exercise bands to provide mild resistance while the horse is still traveling naturally. The main difference between the Lunge N' Slide and draw reins, side reins, headsetters etc is that the horse is fairly pushing on himself. His effort and body carriage dictate the resistance and he is not unfairly put in a situation where he is bound without choice. If he gets upset, he has the leeway to push against the Lunge N' Slide - its just more work to do than to use his back and body properly. This tool makes the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult, but the horse still absolutely has a choice in the matter. While it may lead to some beautiful self-carriage improvements because of better fitness, it is focused on fitness not on simply "getting the head down", which does nothing in the long term to improve the horse's way of going.


Why you would use it:

  • Excellent pre-ride warm up tool that encourages the horse to use his body properly and build an athletic topline.
  • With patient application, reduces anxiety and biting issues.
  • Develops topline and neck muscles for a more athletic frame.
  • For horses ridden with or without contact, it allows the horse to find his own comfort in the bit, without interference from the rider's hands. 
  • Great mental preparation for a lesson.
  • Horse is able to change directions and move as freely as they would under saddle with a rider on board.
  • Allows you the opportunity to visually see and correct on the ground where your horse may be leaning and not straight, and adjust to build strength on weak side.
  • Makes either Western or English horses lighter in your hands when ridden.
  • Can be used with a bridle of your choice or a well-fitted HYBRID Halter. Cannot be used with a rope halter.


If you have a pony, small quarter horse, breed under 14.2-14.3 hands, select the Pony/Small Horse size.