14' Working Rope


Durable yachting braid carries a training cue better than a lunge line - wears for years!

Choose your own snap option; no snap, brass plated or stainless steel


  • Great "energy" to the yachting braid rope makes training easier by carrying a training cue - unlike a floppy lunge line which carries no energy back to the horse
  • UV protection helps keep color vibrant
  • 1/2" round
  • Finished with a bleeding heart popper on colored ropes. 
    • Black and tan ropes come with a blunt end, no popper.
  • Three snap options; no snap, brass plated trigger bull and stainless steel.
  • A snap is recommended. While some trainers prefer attaching a rope directly to a halter, bear in mind this will give you no safety functionality if you want to unsnap a horse in an emergency and also no point of failure other than your horse's own body.
  • 14’ long for effective groundwork, including circles/lungeing and trailer loading
  • Hand tied