Lead Rope


UV coated rope retains vibrancy and resists dirt

Choose your own snap; no snap, brass plated or stainless steel

Our super strong lead ropes are spliced from marine grade yachting rope, specially engineered for equine applications. It is UV, salt and water resistant and features extraordinary tensile strength thanks to its spliced construction. This 8' rope is just the right length for leading, ponying, and tying and a great match to any horse halter.
  • Great "energy" to the yachting braid rope makes training easier by carrying a training cue - unlike a floppy poly or cotton lead
  • UV protection helps keep color vibrant
  • Weighted end with no popper for the horse to chew when tied up
  • 1/2" round
  • Hand tied and stitched.
  • Choose your snap options; no snap, brass plated or stainless steel.
  • A snap is recommended. While some trainers prefer attaching a rope directly to a halter, bear in mind this will give you no safety functionality if you want to unsnap a horse in an emergency and also no point of failure other than your horse's own body.
  • Copper, the new-for-2022 color, features a weightier and longer end splice and extra long shank stitching for an even more bespoke rope experience.