22' Snap Lariat

$39.99 USD

No snag alternative to heavier training ropes

This 22' lariat is a great alternative to a heavier yachting braid rope.

    Wet conditions or morning dew? This lariat won't get soggy. Weeds, grass burrs or thistles in the pasture? Don't worry, it won't pick up pricklies! Rocky terrain? It won't snag! 

    Also helps you to get comfortable with having a lariat in your hands and help builds rope skills in a manageable way if you want to become proficient with a rope. Handmade in the USA by one of the most innovative rope makers, specifically to the Horse Education Company's specifications that it be extra, extra soft.

    Features a solid brass swivel snap that has the perfect heft for control and won't clank around your horse's jaw.

    • Rope with less coil tension than traditional lariats, so easier to handle for doing groundwork
    • Still has enough weight to be used for practicing your rope handling skills
    • Soft malleable feel so that energy travels down it in a manner similar to yachting braid
    • Traditional natural and attractive color fleck options to accent the rest of your equipment
    • Great for ground driving, we suggest picking lariats of different colors, which will help you keep your right and left lines organized at a glance!