Through The Corral Fence with Tom Dorrance

Product Description

Long before horsemanship was a booming educational industry, before TV shows and tour buses, a few men were the fathers of a movement now known as natural horsemanship. Chief among those men was Tom Dorrance. This nostalgic DVD captures Tom in a casual instructional setting with a handful of students, now well known in their own right notable names such as Martin Black and Bryan Neubert. 

Students of more modern horsemanship programs will recognize the source of subtle techniques like leading a foot, letting a young horse see you from above before stepping on, yielding the forequarters and more. 

Great to watch with popcorn and horse friends, you'll pick out small techniques and subtleties throughout this DVD. It is best described more as collection of wisdom across a broad array of topics than a how-to video, and gives the viewer an unbeatable chance to fire up the time machine of horsemanship education and take a trip back in time.

Runtime: 2 hours 45 minutes

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