Fresh Canvas: Teach Your Foal Training DVD by Kalley Krickeberg - OUT OF STOCK COMING TO LIVE STREAM SOON

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Fresh Canvas DVD Teaches Your Foal to Be a Super Learner The essential life skills covered in this DVD are a blueprint for shaping foals into super learners in as few as seven handling sessions. This detailed, step-by-step educational DVD course starts just hours after a foal's birth and continues through the first critical 10 days of life. Using the techniques and theories shared in this video, you too will be able to teach your foal to feel safe, trust your leadership and respond lightly to pressure.

There’s no cutting corners when it comes to teaching foals; there are four objectives you and your foal need to achieve, and they need to be achieved in a certain order. Kalley will take you through each step, utilizing detailed instruction and demonstrations featuring a foal Kalley herself works with. The four objectives – Approachability, Lead-ability, Vet Preparation and Farrier Preparation – are essential to every foal’s development. Much like the “fresh canvas” referred to in the title, a foal begins with a clean slate. It’s up to you to bring the foal along the right way. And with Kalley’s measured, calm and reflective teaching style, you’re guaranteed to learn just as much as your foal.

4 Discs. Runtime: 4 hrs, 36 min.