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Product Description

Fresh Canvas DVD Teaches Your Foal to Be a Super Learner The essential life skills covered in this DVD are a blueprint for shaping foals into super learners in as few as seven handling sessions. This detailed, step-by-step educational DVD course starts just hours after a foal's birth and continues through the first critical 10 days of life. Using the techniques and theories shared in this video, you too will be able to teach your foal to feel safe, trust your leadership and respond lightly to pressure.

There’s no cutting corners when it comes to teaching foals; there are four objectives you and your foal need to achieve, and they need to be achieved in a certain order. Kalley will take you through each step, utilizing detailed instruction and demonstrations featuring a foal Kalley herself works with. The four objectives – Approachability, Lead-ability, Vet Preparation and Farrier Preparation – are essential to every foal’s development. Much like the “fresh canvas” referred to in the title, a foal begins with a clean slate. It’s up to you to bring the foal along the right way. And with Kalley’s measured, calm and reflective teaching style, you’re guaranteed to learn just as much as your foal.

4 Discs. Runtime: 4 hrs, 36 min.

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Kalley has made foal development her life’s passion - a passion that has led to an almost scientific exploration of what it takes to set a foal up for success. She spent years at the Atwood Ranch, handling a multitude of foals as she developed an understanding of a foal’s natural behavior and psychology. And for everything she’s taught to foals, they’ve taught her just as much. It’s this willingness to learn and complete lack of preconceptions that sets Kalley apart.

Kalley herself puts it best: "I love the idea of a freshly groomed arena, a blank sheet of paper, a clean whiteboard – it’s the opportunity to make a good mark. You’ve got none of your past drawings, no old tracks in the dirt. It’s all fresh. You can make a perfect circle. You can make a beautiful drawing. You can get all your new ideas out on the whiteboard. I love the title Fresh Canvas because, whether you’re taming a wild horse or starting with a foal, you’re working with something that has no preconceived notions; it’s untouched by humans, and has no baggage. It’s pure."

Fresh Canvas segments include:

Approachability Either that you can approach the foal with it remaining calm and confident or, ideally, the foal will approach you while remaining calm and confident.

Lead-ability You are able to lead the foal from Point A to Point B. To achieve this, you need to be able to halter the foal. There are two steps to this process: the catch and the haltering.

Vet Preparation Handling their mouth, nostrils, eyes, ears, anus, belly, between the legs. Basically, its getting the foal comfortable with any and every area of their body that a veterinarian would touch.


Farrier Preparation Confidently being able to have the foal pick its leg up and put it in various positions for a length of time. It takes time to trim feet or do any sort of shoeing, so being able to hold that position is essential.