Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - CLASSIC
#1 Seller - Better training result than either a rope or web halter
$69.99 | Buy Now
Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - ARTISAN
Beautiful, hand tied pineapple knots on nose
$79.99 | Buy Now
Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - LEATHER
The luxury of leather, the exclusive function of a HYBRID!
Regularly $99.99
SALE! $89.99 | Buy Now
Foal HYBRID Halter
Kalley's own foal development design!
$29.99 | Buy Now
Horse Developer's Edition: Leather HYBRID with Lariat Nose
Triple stitched leather, hand finished edges
Regularly $99.99
SALE! $89.99 | Buy Now
Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - LARIAT
Additional control. Banish stud chains! Comfortable, yet firm.
$79.99 | Buy Now
Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - BREAKAWAY
All the features of the HYBRID, plus safety breakaway leather poll
$79.99 | Buy Now
14' Working Rope
Patented One Handed Open Snap and UV Protected Yachting Braid
$54.99 | Buy Now
22 Foot Snap Lariat
#1 Seller. Designed by Kalley. Versatile alternative to a soft yachting braid...
$39.99 | Buy Now
32 Foot Round Pen Lariat
Perfect length for 50' round pen!
$49.99 | Buy Now
8 Foot Weighted End Lead Rope
Perfect length for leading & tying, no popper to chew!
$32.99 | Buy Now
Halter Sizing & Exchange
How to Exchange Your Halter
$5.99 | Buy Now