Braided Leather Loop Reins
Great feel in your hands
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Groundwork Tool Kit
SlimStick, Flag, HYBRID Halter and 14' Working Rope
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Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - CLASSIC
#1 Seller - Better training result than either a rope or web halter
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Pre-Snaffle Headstall
Combine the best of both worlds with this hackamore-and-snaffle-bridle...
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The Educated Young Horse: On The Ground
Kalley's Signature Groundwork + Life Skill Training Program
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Patent Pending HYBRID Halter - LEATHER
The luxury of leather, the exclusive function of a HYBRID!
Regularly $109.99
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Pocket Horsemanship Flag
Collapses to just 9 inches long with flag!
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SlimStick with Pocket String
Lighter, Less Fatiguing and Better Control - The Cat's Meow!
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The Perfect Start: Under Saddle Foundation
Kalley's Under Saddle Curriculum for all young and developing horses
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The Sport of Liberty
Liberty: How to Motivate, Control and Communicate
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The Sport of Reining with Shawn Flarida
Reining: Learn from the NRHA's leading money earner!
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Horse Developer's Edition: Leather HYBRID with Lariat Nose
Triple stitched leather, hand finished edges
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Liberty Tool Kit
Kalley's Most Popular Liberty Tools!
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22 Foot Snap Lariat
#1 Seller. Designed by Kalley. Versatile alternative to a soft yachting braid...
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Horsemanship Flag
A classic tool modernized and made easier to use!
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Love Life With Horses Cowl Neck Hoodie
The most deliciously soft and stylish hood you'll ever own!
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Soft Lariat Hackamore with Leather Reins
Packed with comfort features for both horse and rider, this hackamore is a...
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The Kricket: Roll-Your-Own Hat
The hat Kalley wears
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